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The first batch of Chinese oxygen machines have arrived in India

Time:2021-05-07 15:02

The epidemic is spreading in some parts of the world. The cumulative number of confirmed cases of NCCP in India has exceeded 20 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 220,000 cases; 2,112 new cases of NCCP have been confirmed in Thailand; curfew measures have been declared in more than 20 provinces; the epidemic has rebounded again in Michigan and other places in the United States; and international aid is still racing.
"Oxygen deprivation crisis" resurfaces
The surge of cases means an unprecedented "oxygen crisis". Hundreds of millions of Indians are suffering from "purgatory", according to media reports, the Indian Railways has transported nearly 150 tons of medical oxygen to the country, but the amount of water is not enough.
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
"Oxygen shortage" is still the most urgent problem, but India's oxygen production equipment is in poor condition (Source: CCTV)
Due to the lack of beds, many Indian patients have to "help themselves" at home. Oxygen cylinders, oxygen machines and other equipment in short supply, the price of oxygen cylinders on the Indian black market has risen 10 times, which is equivalent to the salary of an average Indian for six months.
The situation is so severe that India plans to import medical oxygen from abroad to solve the "oxygen shortage". China first time said "will provide support and help within its capabilities".
In fact, China's oxygen machine product technology and sales have led the world. According to media statistics, Chinese medical companies have exported more than 350,000 oxygen concentrators in 2020.
The first batch of Chinese oxygen machines has arrived
On April 28, Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong tweeted that Chinese medical equipment suppliers are working overtime to process orders from India and have received orders for at least 25,000 oxygen machines. on May 5, CCTV reported: the first batch of oxygen machines from China has arrived in India.
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
The first batch of Chinese oxygen concentrators to support India arrived (Source: CCTV)
It is reported that the first batch of supported oxygen machines came from Yuyue Medical. As one of the world's largest suppliers of oxygen concentrators, Yuyue oxygen concentrators have carried out more than 1,000 technical innovations and have been the first in global sales for 13 consecutive years, and have been awarded the title of "Single Champion of Manufacturing" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
The relevant person in charge of Yuyue said: Yuyue has a long-term layout in overseas markets, has 10 global R&D centers, and the annual output of oxygen concentrators is 1 million units, and has obtained many international certifications such as CE of EU and IF red dot design, and the export scope has covered European, Asian, South American and African markets.
Yuyue Medical is deeply engaged in the field of respiratory oxygenation, and its respirators and oxygen concentrators continue to provide assistance in the fight against epidemics. During the war against epidemics in China, Yuyue non-invasive ventilators accounted for half of the non-invasive ventilators supporting Wuhan. In the era of epidemic, the trust of the international market in Chinese medical brands has been greatly enhanced, and Chinese brands have also shown their great power's responsibility at critical moments.