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India ordered 25,000 units of oxygen machines, Chinese companies scrambled to work overtime

Time:2021-04-30 11:06

Since mid-April, the epidemic in India has reached a "dark moment". Millions of people have been diagnosed in just a few days, and tens of thousands of people have left their families and lost their lives. With the epidemic, India's medical and funeral systems have both "collapsed" and Indian society has been torn apart by the epidemic. In Andhra Pradesh, due to a shortage of ambulances, a deceased person had to be cremated "on a motorcycle" at a crematorium. Also in Andhra Pradesh, a one-year-old baby died in an ambulance because he couldn't wait for a bed and said goodbye to the world. In New Delhi, the crematorium is still burning at night, and the crematorium is operating 24 hours a day.
In this time of crisis, countries around the world are reaching out to India. And China has repeatedly shown its willingness to help in any way it can. China's sincerity and humanitarian spirit need no further explanation.
On April 26, 800 oxygen machines left Hong Kong, China, and arrived in New Delhi on the same day, and 10,000 more are expected to arrive thereafter. 28, the Chinese ambassador to India confirmed that India has already placed an order for 25,000 oxygen machines with Chinese medical equipment suppliers, and China is scrambling to make the order. In addition, Chinese customs is also arranging the relevant process to make these anti-epidemic supplies arrive in India as soon as possible.
However, such sincere goodwill is still misinterpreted by foreign media.
In the past few days, many Indian media have taken the opportunity to speculate about China's goodwill: China's move is an opportunity to troll the United States, not a sincere help to India, and some have rendered "India has become a new battleground for Sino-US diplomacy. The Modi government is holding a "no response, no statement, no refusal" attitude, accepting China's assistance on the one hand, and allowing the bad Indian media to "slander" China on the other.
On the contrary, the United States, when the new round of Indian epidemic has just "raised its head", has repeatedly responded indifferently and even shielded India's request for help. Until the last moment, Biden said he was willing to help India, but India's most wanted vaccine, Biden is still "closed-mouth".
Recently, the White House said that the United States will provide $100 million in emergency assistance to India in the coming days to help control the epidemic. In addition, the U.S. government, private companies, non-governmental organizations and thousands of Americans will mobilize to deliver vital oxygen resources, related equipment and essential supplies to Indian hospitals. With the support of the U.S. government, flights carrying supplies will arrive in India on the 29th and will continue to India the following week.
While the government is silent, Indian netizens are reacting with enthusiasm.
Earlier on the 26th, 800 oxygen machines made in China arrived in Delhi, India. Indian netizens were also touched, and many of them left positive comments, writing down the words "China-India friendship". Some netizens also made sarcastic remarks about the United States, saying that "a distant relative is better than a close neighbor", while others called on India to repair its differences with China and "think about its relationship with its "distant relative" the United States".
However, on the 27th, the Canadian Prime Minister announced that he would provide $10 million to India to support the second wave of the epidemic. Indian netizens were not so receptive.
Many netizens directly shouted: India needs medical supplies, not money. The money will end up in the government's pocket for elections, rallies, etc., not for "fighting the epidemic. Indian netizens also openly bargained with Trudeau: Give us $10 million, give us 10 million doses of the new crown vaccine. Others said: "Don't give India money, just give us a good leader. Some even said: Canada's aid money is a "slap in the face" of the Indian government.