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Indian startup founder orders 500 oxygen generators from China

Time:2021-04-30 11:10

The second wave of the epidemic hit India, the epidemic control almost "lost", all life-saving necessities in short supply, military aircraft and trains are being used to transport oxygen bottles to rescue critically ill patients. India's "Business Standard" 24 news, recently, some of the founders of Gurgaon, India-based startups launched a plan to import oxygen machines "oxygen mission" for crowdfunding. The founders said they have sourced 500  Oxygen concentrator from China, which will be available for use in Indian hospitals by April 28.
The founders said they have already procured 500  Oxygen concentrator from China, which could be delivered to hospitals for use by April 28. Another 500 are expected to be ordered by the end of the 24th.
At the moment, India is struggling to cope with an "oxygen crisis". The report also said that on the 24th, the co-founder of the Indian logistics startup Delhi Ferry (Delhivery), Sasheer Barua, announced on the Link website that the company would "use chartered aircraft to ship Oxygen concentrator and other essential supplies to India, and can increase the total amount of purchases on demand".
Earlier in the day, Sequoia India Managing Director Sherendra Singh also tweeted a call for leads on importing oxygen concentrator equipment. By evening, he posted again, "Thank you all, we now have dozens of leads, including some great introductions from our friends at Sequoia China ....... Thanks."
Data released by India's health department on the 24th showed that the country has reported a cumulative total of about 347,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the past 24 hours, slightly higher than the previous day's figure of about 332,000 cases, which was the third consecutive day that India surpassed the previous world record of 297,000 new cases in a single day set by the United States. The number of fatal cases is also climbing, with 2,624 deaths reported nationwide on the 23rd alone.
Currently, the oxygen shortage is India's top priority. India's Ministry of Defense decided to urgently import 23 sets of mobile oxygen production equipment from Germany with an oxygen production capacity of up to 2400 liters per hour. In addition, China, Russia, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries have indicated that they will provide the necessary assistance to India. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 23rd that China firmly supports the Indian government and people to fight the epidemic, and is willing to provide support and help according to the needs of the Indian side, and is maintaining communication with the Indian side in this regard.
However, the Times of India on the 23rd published an article entitled "China is willing to help, but India is looking elsewhere for oxygen", said an anonymous source in the Indian government, said that the Indian side does not rule out contact with Chinese private enterprises to buy medical supplies, including medical oxygen, but the government believes it has the ability to purchase from Singapore, Europe, the Gulf States, "China is not the first choice for safe medical supplies (procurement countries)".