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China sends Oxygen concentrator despite suspicions

Time:2021-04-30 14:37

Today there is nothing more ludicrous than the leaders of Japan and India calling to discuss China. The repeated epidemic, the party by-elections three consecutive defeats, whether the Olympic Games can be held as scheduled ...... these are the urgent consideration of the Kan government, and Modi needless to say, a single recent week of India's new crown confirmed cases soared, repeatedly breaking their own world record, is enough to prove that "India's biggest challenge is The biggest challenge for India is itself". However, the two countries themselves are too busy to discuss China.
According to the Observer, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently held a 25-minute long telephone conversation. During the conversation, Suga told Modi that he was "concerned" about China's "provocative behavior" in the surrounding waters and was deeply concerned that China was trying to "unilaterally change the status quo" in the surrounding waters. The situation is deeply worrying. Kan said he hopes to reach a consensus with India to ensure that the two sides can continue to cooperate in various fields, considering that he is a member of the "four-nation mechanism.
In addition, Kan had originally planned to visit India before his visit to the United States, but the new epidemic in India and Japan has become more serious, and Kan had to abandon his plan. But this time, the two sides again coordinated and agreed to meet face-to-face. Watching Kan and Modi go back and forth, it seemed that the situation at home was forgotten.
Shortly before Kan called Modi, Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lost all three parliamentary by-elections and re-elections. The Japanese media said that recently the LDP has been exposed to "money politics", "violation of the election law" and other negative scandals, coupled with the rampant epidemic in Japan, Kan's handling is not as good as Abe Shinzo, the public is increasingly dissatisfied with the LDP. But the Kan government, in addition to bowing and apologizing, did not seriously reflect, but jumped up and down everywhere to provoke things.
According to Japanese media, this is the first parliamentary election after Kan took office, but it ended with three consecutive defeats, which is a big blow to Kan's regime. At the same time, Japan's medical resources are stretched to the limit, and India is like a pair of difficult brothers and sisters.
According to the Caixin news agency, China's medical equipment manufacturing giant Yuyue Medical insiders revealed that the company has received 18,000 units of Oxygen concentrator from India, and the order is still increasing. At the same time, 800 Oxygen concentrators have arrived in India by air, and 10,000 Oxygen concentrators will be sent to India in the future to help India overcome the epidemic.
Although the Indian civil aviation minister confirmed the news is true, but only to express gratitude to the country's aviation enterprises, Indian spice airline CEO Ajay Singh also only said that the future will be tens of thousands of Oxygen concentrator shipped from around the world. Not a word was mentioned about the Chinese assistance, as if everything was deserved. But under the tweets of the Chinese embassy abroad, there are still many Indian netizens expressing their gratitude.
Indian netizens said that it is indeed better to have a distant relative than a close neighbor, and that China has provided India with anti-epidemic supplies regardless of its past, in contrast to the United States' cold shoulder. Many people even called on the Modi government to repair relations with China as soon as possible and see who is an enemy and who is a friend. Even the general public can see what is going on, but the Modi government is trying to pretend to be confused. Now, India, in spite of its own situation and China's kindness, is working with Japan to stab China in the back, which is exactly the behavior of a "white-eyed wolf".
Previously, our foreign ministry spokesman has repeatedly said that China has always adhered to the road of peaceful development, Japan should not mislead the public in China-related issues, and Japan should not have illusions about the surrounding waters, and advise Japan to immediately reflect on itself and not go further and further down the wrong path. For the Indian epidemic, China will also firmly support the Indian people to fight the new crown epidemic, but also believe in the Indian people. However, if Japan and India jointly have to challenge China's bottom line, China will never be soft.