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hanghong Meiling Co.,Ltd is one of the important manufacturers of electrical appliances in China, with four domestic manufacturing bases in Hefei, Mianyang, Jingdezhen and Zhongshan, and overseas manufacturing bases such as air conditioners in Indonesia and refrigerators in Pakistan, covering the whole product line of ice, washing, air, kitchen and bathroom, and small home appliances, while entering new industrial fields such as biomedical. The company's leading product, Meiling refrigerator, is a national export-free product.
        Since 1983, Meiling embarked on the road of professional manufacture of home refrigerators, Meiling has continuously built its core competitiveness with technological innovation and product innovation, set up a national enterprise technology center and the first RoHs public testing center in Anhui Province, which has enabled Meiling to continuously achieve breakthroughs in many fields such as freshness, intelligence, frequency conversion and deep cooling. In November 2017, Meiling launched the world premiere of M fresh refrigerator equipped with fresh black technology, which set off the third freshness revolution in the industry. The new era of comprehensive "thin".
        In February 2019, in response to the wave of integration and improved operational efficiency, Changhong-Mei Ling China Marketing Headquarters was established to realize the marketing transformation from product line oriented sales management to channel and user experience services, and from single category marketing to full category marketing. Nowadays, Meiling has achieved sound operation and steady development in the domestic market, and also actively participated in the global competition and cooperation in a larger and higher level, Meiling refrigerators have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America, and the sales volume has maintained rapid growth for three consecutive years.
        In the future, under the guidance of the core values of "dedication and sharing", Meiling will prove the power of professionalism with growth, enhance its core competitiveness, continuously develop products to meet consumer needs, become a "leading, world-class and respected household appliance enterprise in China", and realize the "Meiling dream" in every Meiling person's heart.
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